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Debut album from EMI Music’s Laura Marling to be released in special new format: the ‘Song Box’

“Marling displays a rare gift for melody” Observer Music Monthly
“If I listen to New Romantic one more time I may just propose to her myself” NME
“[Night Terror is] a great one by this / Berkshire Joni” Sunday Times Culture

Following the recent release of Laura Marling’s highly acclaimed second EP, ‘My Manic And I’, and its limited special book format (“best booklet with download code for EP” NME), we are excited to announce the release date of her debut album in a unique ‘Song Box’ format.

The album (title TBC) will be released on 4th February ’08 and will initially be available in a limited one-off beautifully printed Song Box designed inside and out by Laura, offering a keepsake for her fans in which to keep their music and other mementos. It will contain:

  • A concert ticket
  • CD copy of the album
  • Mementos relating to each song on the album

The concert ticket will be printed with a unique code allowing the fan to register online at lauramarling.com to gain access to the nearest of five concerts which will take place in March:

  • Tuesday 4th March – Glasgow, Oran Mor
  • Wednesday 5th March – Birmingham, Glee Club
  • Thursday 6th March – London, Scala
  • Friday 7th March – Bristol, Trinity Arts Centre
  • Saturday 8th March – Manchester, Academy 2

Using Ticket Text’s innovative mobile technology, customers will receive their tickets as unique barcodes sent via text message straight to their mobile phone. Customers simply take their phone to the venue and the barcode will be scanned to gain them admittance.

The package is likely to retail around £20, will be available to pre-order through lauramarling.com and will be chart ineligible.

Laura appeared on Later With Jools Holland on Friday 2nd November. She is touring on and off throughout November, including support dates with Devendra Banhart:

6th London Forum – Devendra Banhart support
20th Little Noise Session, Union Chapel, London (Mencap concert)
24th Tate Takeover – Showcase of Contemporary Art at Tate modern headlined by Laura Marling



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