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Classical rocks with Napster and Alfie Boe

Napster, the pioneer of digital music, is breaking with tradition and recording its first classical music session with Alfie Boe, the British tenor who is considered the ‘best tenor of his generation’.

Recording at Abbey Road Studios, Alfie Boe will be performing three songs from his forthcoming album La Passione for EMI Classics. Alfie, a man who enjoys a sense of occasion, will also be treating Napster fans to a special re-working of Eleanor Rigby, his homage to the band that made the studios famous.

La Passione is a celebration of traditional, mainly Italian, folk songs and will be released on October 8th. With his unique modern/vintage style, Boe is the perfect bridge taking his beloved opera from the classical arena to the masses.

Boe’s classical live session will be available on Napster shortly, but in the meantime music fans can download the Napster Jukebox from www.napster.co.uk and enjoy seven days worth of unlimited music access absolutely free. Napster To Go members can transfer all audio tracks to their compatible media player as a tethered download for no extra charge.

Thomas Kaurich, Head of EMI Classics comments:
“In the past few months, Alfie’s sensational voice and down-to-earth personality have made a huge impact on UK audiences new to Classical music. I’m delighted that Napster, who has played a crucial part in the download revolution, has chosen Alfie to be the first classical artist to record a session with them.”

Thorsten Schliesche, VP Sales & Marketing Europe, Napster, comments:
“Napster’s live sessions are becoming legendary in the industry and Alfie Boe’s extraordinary talent is the perfect choice to launch our first classical live session. Our passion for all genres of music makes Napster the perfect digital companion for any music enthusiast.”

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