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Caroline to distribute Rough Trade releases in the US

NEW YORK, 6 March, 2007 – Independent music distribution company Caroline has entered into an agreement to distribute music from UK-based label Rough Trade Records’ roster of artists in the US. Caroline Distribution will handle both physical and digital distribution of Rough Trade’s upcoming releases.

Rough Trade’s upcoming releases include Jarvis, the latest solo album from Pulp front man Jarvis Cocker, and Beatific Visions from indie rockers BrakesBrakesBrakes. Caroline will also distribute new albums from Rough Trade artists including Veils and British Sea Power, among others later in 2007.

Founded in 1978, Rough Trade is a legendary record label which handled the career of The Smiths, who were front runners for a mass indie movement in the mid 1980s. They are also well-known for having released albums by critically-acclaimed indie artists such as The Strokes, The Libertines and Belle & Sebastian.

Caroline will distribute Rough Trade through a new agreement with World’s Fair Label Group, which has the rights to license and market select Rough Trade titles in the U.S. The Rough Trade/World’s Fair agreement is in addition to other distribution agreements between World’s Fair and Caroline which include Definitive Jux, Bella Union, BBE and others.

“Rough Trade is obviously one of the legendary names in the history of independent music. Their track record of finding and developing incredible artists speaks for itself, and their future looks to be just as bright,” said Michael Bull, vice president of Label Relations for Caroline. “With the World’s Fair team handling their affairs in the U.S., they’ve got a combination of amazing repertoire and ace promotional support that can’t miss. We are thrilled to be adding their roster to the Caroline family.”

“The team at Caroline has tremendous credibility in the indie music world,” said Kevin Wortis, Co-Founder, World’s Fair Label Group. “We thought they were a great fit to handle Rough Trade and look forward to a successful relationship.”

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