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Caroline tapped to distribute Simply Red’s next album in the US

Stay slated for April 24th release date

NEW YORK, 5 March, 2007 – Independent music distribution company Caroline has entered into a deal with label Simplyred.com to release Simply Red’s next album, Stay, in the US in both physical and digital formats. The album is slated for release in the US on April 24th.

Caroline joins a “virtual label” team for Simply Red in the US that includes Rocket Science, who will be handling retail marketing, indie radio promoters Ashton Consults at AC, All That Jazz Promotions at Smooth Jazz and Jesus Garber Corporation at Urban AC. Kip Kouri/Tell All Your Friends PR is handling publicity and Universal Buzz is handling street marketing. So What Management is managing the project in the U.S.

The new track, So Not Over You, is currently being worked at Smooth Jazz and Adult Contemporary radio in the US after being released last month. So Not Over You debuted as #1 most added in the AC radio format.

On the album release date, Caroline will distribute a full slate of digital products, including ringtones, ringbacks and videos for sale through a wide range of digital retailers. The single will be made available digitally on April 3, and the full album and related digital products will be made available on the album’s street date, April 24.

“Simply Red.com and our team here in US are really looking forward to working closely with Bill Hein and the rest of the Caroline team, “said Lisa Barbaris, manager of Simply Red (US), and President of SimplyRed.com US. “We are very excited about the new CD “Stay.” Mick Hucknall has delivered another classic Simply Red album and we cannot wait to share it with his fans.”

Simply Red has sold roughly 2.2 million albums in the US since Soundscan started tracking retail sales in 1991, and the band has sold more than 48 million albums worldwide.

“Mick Hucknall’s distinctive voice and the soulful elegance of Simply Red’s music are timeless,” said William Hein, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Caroline. “It’s a real thrill for the Caroline team to be working with Simplyred.com.”

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