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Award winning video music tutorial site – nowplayit.com – announces DVD release through EMI for Christmas

22nd October 2007 – London – ‘Now Play It’, the award winning and critically acclaimed video music tutorial site is thrilled to announce the release of its first DVD through EMI featuring full and ‘Lite’ video tutorials exclusively filmed with some of today’s most exciting artists including KT Tunstall, Athlete and Graham Coxon with ‘Lite’ contributions from the likes of Gorillaz, Coldplay, Kasabian, Stereophonics and Queen. The Now Play It DVD is scheduled for release on 26th November 2007.

Within a few short months of operation ‘Now Play It’ has scooped the Best Digital Service Award at this years BT DMA’s Ceremony and enjoyed a pile of fantastic press. “‘Now Play It’ is a brilliantly executed idea” said The Guardian and The Telegraph claimed “it’s the No.1 music tuition site”, with column inches racking up and Channel 4 TV exposure to boot ‘Now Play It’ is ready to take things to the next level with the new DVD release.

‘Now Play It’s’ first DVD is guitar based and has a distinct ‘Indie’ theme featuring some of the greatest guitar anthems of all time. The team at ‘Now Play It’ have picked songs that cover a wide range of techniques and playing styles so whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been playing a while you’ll find plenty to challenge you and broaden your playing ability.

The DVD features two types of tutorial; ‘Now Play It Full’ and ‘Now Play It Lite’. The full tutorial is an exclusively filmed one on one session with the artist where players are taken through every aspect of learning a song, from chord progression and musical technique to the best equipment to use. Each tutorial is exclusively shot at the artist’s house, studio or backstage on tour, giving fans a true sense of intimacy and personal interaction.

After learning the song, fans can watch and play along to the original music video matched with the chord tablature. The ‘Lite’ tutorials are based on a similar principle as the full versions, instead consisting simply of the play-through and recap. All this plus a host of bonus material make for the ultimate guitar tutorial DVD package.

Full tutorials featured on DVD

KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See
Supergrass – Richard The 3rd
Magic Numbers – This Is A Song
Turin Brakes – Painkiller
Athlete – Hurricane
Graham Coxon – Freakin Out

Lite tutorials featured on DVD

Queen – A Kind of Magic
Coldplay – Yellow
Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc
Kasabian – Shoot The Runner
Stereophonics – Dakota
Blur – Song 2
The Dandy Warhols – Bohemian Like You
Placebo – Pure Morning
Wire Daisies – Mary Jane

More info on ‘Now Play It’

‘Now Play It’ is the world’s first website featuring downloadable video music lessons taught directly by your favourite artists. Developed to offer a fresh and instant method of learning, this unique video service, in the style of one-to-one tutorials, is set to change the way we learn and play.

‘Now Play It’ gives guidance on musical technique as well a unique insight into the creative process behind a particular song, and what better way to learn than straight from the artists themselves?

Downloads are available now from www.nowplayit.com and other digital platforms to be announced soon.

“A great musician once told me that music is 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration. Now Play It shows you the 90%. The rest is up to you.” – Dave Rowntree from Blur.
Press quotes on ‘Now Play It’

“Now Play It is a Brilliantly Executed Idea”
The Guardian

“No.1 Music Tuition Site”
The Telegraph

“Stars Teach You How To Play Their Favorite Songs”
The Sun

“Now Play It’ offers the world’s first downloadable video music lessons taught by musicians”
The Independent On Sunday

“Impressive Tutorial Site For Budding Musicians”
Q Magazine

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