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Appointment of Lord Birt to EMI’s Supervisory Board

EMI Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Lord Birt to its Supervisory Board, which is chaired by Guy Hands. Lord Birt joined Terra Firma as an adviser in December 2005, working on a number of its portfolio companies, and will add this new responsibility with immediate effect.

Lord Birt was the Prime Minister’s Strategy Adviser from 2000-05. Previously he was Director-General of the BBC, where he successfully positioned the Corporation as a digital organisation. He has also worked for ITV and for McKinsey’s Global Media and Entertainment Practice advising companies on strategic change. His expertise in technology will be particularly invaluable to the EMI transformation process. In addition, he will lead a review of the way in which EMI’s artists are served to ensure that EMI’s resources and expertise are fully focused on meeting their requirements.

Guy Hands, Chief Executive of Terra Firma, said:

“I am delighted that John has agreed to join me and Julie Williamson on EMI’s Supervisory Board. He is an excellent addition to the team, and he will be integral in contributing to a strategic plan that will aim for EMI to be the world’s most innovative and consumer focused music company and the best home for musical talent.”

Lord Birt said:

“EMI is an iconic British institution with a worldwide reach, and an extraordinary heritage in nurturing and supporting great musical talent. It will be a privilege to help EMI in the next period of its history to face its challenges and to define and seize new opportunities.”

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