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30 Seconds To Mars stages stunning global invasion

Streak of international awards and nominations follow sell-out European dates

Lead singer Jared Leto emerges as ambitious music video auteur

New York, New York – Two years after the release of their second album, the extraordinary long run of breakthrough work is turning into outright worldwide multi-media domination for Virgin Records platinum-plus modern rockers THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS.

Fresh from a series of U.K. sell-out gigs, including London’s Brixton Academy, and taking home the fan-voted 2007 Single of the Year award from the U.K.’s venerable Kerrang! Magazine for the classic The Kill (Bury Me), the full scope of the group’s impact also continues to emerge in every corner of the world — from their million-selling second album A BEAUTIFUL LIE, to the band’s non-stop sell-out touring, dazzling conceptual music videos, and even their groundbreaking and unique online/offline relationship with their global fan base.

This week, THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS were nominated twice in the MTV Europe Music Awards – Munich 2007, held November 1st. One nomination is for the “Rock Out Award” and the other for the “Inter Act Award,” the latter trophy recognizing bands “that best relate and communicate to their fans online and in an INTER ACTive way.”

In the Belgian TMF Awards, being held October 13th, THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS are nominated in “Best Alternative International” and “Best New Artist International” categories. Earlier this year, the group also won the Best New Artist trophy on the TRL Awards for MTV Italy.

THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS have also been nominated for “Best Rock Act International” on the sixth annual MTV Latin America Music Awards happening in Mexico City on October 18th.

Following on from the flurry of U.S. awards and nominations accorded by MTV, FUSE, mtvU, Billboard and others, the Australian MTV Awards named The Kill “Rock Video Of The Year” and “Video Of The Year.” The music videos for The Kill and From Yesterday (the first American music video ever filmed entirely in The People’s Republic of China) were both directed by 30 STM lead singer Jared Leto, under the alias Bartholomew Cubbins.

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