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The Smashing Pumpkins to release new studio album ‘Oceania’ release on June 18

Exciting news for all Smashing Pumpkins fans, the band will release their latest studio album ‘Oceania’ on June 18 via EMI Label Services and frontman Billy Corgan’s own label Martha’s Music.   ‘Oceania’ is the band’s seventh record and is described as an ‘album within an album’ that forms part of their 44-song work-in-progress ‘Teargarden [...]

Laura Marling showcases new animated poem The Beast

Laura Marling has created a beautiful new online animated poem entitled The Beast accompanying her song of the same name which features on her third studio album ‘A Creature I Don’t Know’. A  collaboration between Laura, illustrator Shynola and creative agency Studio Juice, The Beast is a rolling animation that combines new album artwork with narration [...]

Exclusive Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’ Book Available Free On Apple’s iBookstore Starting Today

Following the recent first anniversary of The Beatles catalog’s worldwide digital exclusivity iTunes, an exclusive Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’ book that lets readers tap their iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to immerse themselves in the legendary film’s colorful sights and sounds is available for free download on Apple’s iBookstore worldwide starting today at www.iTunes.com/iBookstore. The iBookstore’s exclusive ‘Yellow Submarine’ [...]

Rise To Remain premiere ‘Power Through Fear’ video

London metal band Rise To Remain have celebrated the release this week of their debut album ‘City Of Vultures’,  by making available the video to their track ‘Power Through Fear’. The band have just kicked off their first UK tour and will performing 19 dates across the country over the next three weeks before heading [...]