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Category News

Universal Music UK launches Virgin EMI Records

London, March 18th 2013: Universal Music UK chairman & CEO David Joseph has announced the launch of Virgin EMI Records – a creative powerhouse bringing together the newly reinvigorated Virgin Records and its Universal Music sister company Mercury Records. Virgin EMI Records will be an immediate contender for the UK’s number one label, launching with [...]

JoyTunes named winner of the latest EMI Innovation Challenge

LONDON, 7 MARCH 2013 — Music education software developer Joytunes has been named the winner of the fourth EMI Innovation Challenge held in association with London-based music business consultancy Music Ally. The company, which makes applications to aid musical instrument learning with a strong gaming slant, impressed the panel of judges and the audience at [...]

Blue Note Records launches rich and immersive new app for iPad developed through OpenEMI

NEW YORK & LONDON, OCTOBER 4 2012 — Blue Note Records, the finest name in jazz music since it was established in 1939, has launched a brand new app for iPad that is the ultimate digital box-set for both jazz aficionados and newcomers alike. Developed by Groovebug, the new Blue Note App delivers a rich [...]

EMI Million Dataset hackathon develops methods for predicting song popularity

LONDON, SEPTEMBER 27 2012 — The process by which listeners decide what music they like – or dislike – on first hearing has become a step clearer, after a global hackathon event held jointly by EMI Music and Data Science London. One hundred and seventy five data scientists from across the world signed up for [...]

WOW Launches First Ever Christian Music Spotify App

Nashville, Tenn. – September 26, 2012 – EMI Christian Music Group, Provident Music Group and Word Entertainment continue the expansion of the world’s leading Christian music compilation brand with the release of the WOW app on Spotify. The launch of the app marks the first ever Christian music app on Spotify and allows users to [...]

Katy Perry named the 2012 Billboard Woman Of The Year

Award To Be Accepted At The Annual Billboard Women In Music Event In New York City NEW YORK, September 25, 2012—Billboard announced today that Katy Perry will accept its coveted Woman of the Year Award at the 2012 Billboard Women in Music event taking place on Friday, November 30, 2012 at Capitale in New York [...]

Blue Note Records launches innovative new Spotify app

EMI Music’s legendary Blue Note Records has announced the launch today of an innovative new app within the popular online music streaming service Spotify. The Blue Note app provides a rich user experience by creating a space to explore and discover music spanning the entire history of the label from 1939 to present. Download the [...]

Tunaspot launches “Spotify App of the Week” and teams up with EMI Music Nordic for exclusive playlists

Tunaspot, the latest made-in-Sweden music start-up which allows fans to discover and share playlists based around their location, has today launched it’s Spotify App in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. For the launch Tunaspot teams up with EMI Music Nordic for exclusive playlists in major cities and with Swedish headphone designer – The Urbaneers for a [...]

Test your knowledge of all things pop with the NOW Trivia Box!

From the early 80s right through to the present day, who is your favourite band or artist? Culture Club, Blondie, Phil Collins, Spice Girls, Blur, Take That, Britney Spears, Kylie, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga… the list goes on and on! Listening to music evokes special memories for every generation and for the last 29 [...]

Electrospective campaign joins the OpenEMI digital development platform

Over four thousand seminal dance/electronic tracks added to developer sandbox London, 19 July 2012 – EMI Music has today launched a new OpenEMI developer ‘sandbox’ for Electrospective, an ambitious multi-platform campaign celebrating the development of electronic music from 1958-2012. The sandbox, run in partnership with The Echo Nest, features a wealth of digital audio content [...]