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JoyTunes win latest EMI Innovation Challenge

Congratulations to JoyTunes who were the winners of the latest EMI Innovation Challenge. The company, which makes applications to aid musical instrument learning with a strong gaming slant, impressed the panel of judges and the audience at EMI’s London headquarters with their growing business based around apps for piano and recorder and their plans for future expansion.

Joytunes was formed in 2010 to transform the way people learn and practice music and has so far released two apps – Piano Dust Buster and Recorder Master which use gaming to teach musical skills either through a real or virtual instrument. To date Piano Dust Buster has been downloaded more than a million times with its users currently playing more than 800,000 songs a week.

The latest EMI Innovation Challenge was held in London on March 5 in assocation with UK-based music business consultancy Music Ally.

Presenting the company to the latest EMI Innovation Challenge, co-founder, Music Director and principal oboist in the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra Yigal Kaminka said: “This is just the beginning. We will very soon be expanding to more audiences and more instruments.”

Pictured left to right: Neil Tinegate – EMI VP Digital Projects, Yigal Kaminka – Joytunes co-founder and Musical Director, Bertrand Bodson – EMI EVP Global Digital, Tahir Basheer – partner in the Interactive and Digital Media Groups, Sheridans (event sponors), Paul Brindley – co-founder and CEO, Music Ally

Congratulations guys! Here’s JoyTunes themsevles explaining a bit more about how they work:

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