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EMI Nordic launches new fan apps with Spotify

Five of EMI Music’s top Scandanavian artists – Susanne Sundfør, Morten Abel, Alina Devecerski, Christopher and Magnus Uggla – have today launched new global smartphone apps in partnership with Spotify and social music service, Mobile Backstage.

Built on the Mobile Backstage platform, the five apps offer fans an innovative listening experience based around fan community and creating deeper connections between the artist and their fans around the world.  By utilising Spotify’s ‘Libspotify’ API  - which allows developers to access and build Spotify’s music streaming services into apps – the new fan apps allow users to both play music in an interactive context  and stream full singles and albums (Spotify premium users only, since it requires an account for mobile)  without leaving the app environment, creating a seamless user experience with unparalleled music access.

The fan app features include:

  • Stream albums and songs from Spotify within the app ecosystem (if Spotify premium user)
  • Social features that allow fans to interact with each other and the artist to share their experiences
  • Send a private message to an artist/band member via text, audio or video message
  • Artist/band profiles
  • Access and rate artist/bands’ posts including images, video clips and text
  • Integrated content from Twitter and Facebook
  • Access gig listings and buy tickets
  • iTunes Music Store integration

The apps, which are now available to download from iTunes app store, will give fans access to the full audio catalogue of each specific artist users simply click, play and listen while still being able to access the other feature of the app.

Says Paul Sonkamble, Head of Innovation & Insight, EMI Music Nordic: “We have specifically collaborated with five artists whose fans value being able to consume music portably and want to feel closer and more connected with the artist through social media experiences. By partnering with Mobile Backstage and Spotify, two cutting edge digital innovators, we have created five apps that enable artists to reach and interact with their fans like never before, whilst providing fans with a plethora of ways to connect with the fan community and immerse themselves in their favourite artists’ music.”

Download the apps here:

Alina Devecerski: Link to App Store

Christopher:  Link to App Store

Magnus Uggla:  Link to App Store

Morten Abel: Link to App Store

Susanne Sundfør: Link to App Store

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