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Norah Jones releases lead single ‘Happy Pills’ from new album ‘Little Broken Hearts’

Norah Jones has released ‘Happy Pills’, the lead single from her forthcoming Danger Mouse-produced album ‘Little Broken Hearts’.


The song, which is out now through all digital retail outlets and streaming services, is a bouyant parade of sunshiny hooks that is already the number one most added song this week at AAA format radio stations in the US.

‘Happy Pills’ surprised both Jones and Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton) from the moment they wrote it:

“We both were like ‘Oh my God, this is awesome’ at first and then went away and listened over the weekend,” explains Jones. “We didn’t know if it fit on the record. But I couldn’t stop singing it, and neither could Brian. Eventually we decided it was too much fun, it had to be there.”

Check out the lyric video right here:

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  1. Labeille,

    Does anyone know where Norah Jones found the wonderful black and white dress she is wearing on the picture ?

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