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Emeli Sandé’s new single and album confirmed for Feb 13

2012 is turning out to be quite a year for the amazing Emeli Sandé. Confirmed as the winner of the prestigious Critic’s Choice Award and nominated for British Breakthrough Act at this year’s Brits, the singer-songwriter has confirmed the release of her stunning new single, ‘Next To Me’, on February 13. The track is taken from her enormously anticipated debut album ‘Our Version of Events’ which will be released by Virgin Records on the same day.


‘Next To Me’ is yet another flawless pop classic from Ms Sandé, full of soaring emotion and heartfelt lyrics. At first glance it could be about a boy or perhaps be spiritual in its sentiment. In fact, says Emeli, it was written about her number one love; Music. You can listen to it right here:

‘Our Version Of Events’ is warm, wise, frank, funny, thoughtful and as inimitable as Emeli’s vertical shock of blonde hair and the Frida Kahlo tattoo that takes up most of her right arm. It promises to be a classic album from one of the most exciting debut artists we’ve seen in recent years.

Ahead of the album’s release next month you can listen to snippets from each track here:

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  1. Wow! She is incredible, I saw her perform on The Gramhan Northon show and Madonna was one of his guest , talk about intemidation to be a new up and coming artist to have to perform infirm of Madonna and she did it she pulled off And Madonna complimented on her performance. I she does well for you guys EMI.

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