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David Guetta launches ‘PLAY GUETTA Spotify Artist App

Superstar DJ and producer David Guetta has launched an innovative new Spotify app, PLAY GUETTA. The PLAY GUETTA app, which is available globally from today in the Spotify app finder, invites fans to come and join the permanent party. It is an innovative listening experience like no other enabling them to have a deeper connection with David Guetta, his music and his other fans around the world.

The PLAY GUETTA app provides a real-time global communal listening experience for fans and users can subscribe to a playlist of “Trending” party tracks and share their own snapshot of the World EQ (a graphic showing where fans are listening by country by country) by clicking ‘Like’ or ‘Tweet’. The app also features real-time chat functionality and David Guetta will be able talk to fans within the Spotify app  and using a #PLAYGUETTA hash tag via his official Twitter stream.

Discover all the features here:

David has been one of the most streamed artists on Spotify over the last two years and with over 36 million Facebook ‘Likes’ and close to 7 million Twitter ‘Followers’, he is a true social media superstar.  

Access the app here http://open.spotify.com/app/davidguetta

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  1. abdul hafeez,

    nice work

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