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David Bowie to release 40th anniversary 7″ of The Jean Genie

On November 19 EMI will mark the 40th anniversary of ‘The Jean Genie’ with a series of collectable 7″ picture discs that celebrate the anniversary of the original release of David Bowie‘s UK singles.


Originally issued in the UK via RCA on November 14 1972 ‘The Jean Genie’ was the first single taken from his then still-to-be released album ‘Aladdin Sane’. Bowie was now a superstar, writing on the run while touring. After the best part of a decade looking to achieve stardom Bowie now had it and he wasn’t going to waste one second. ‘The Jean Genie’ is probably the most thrilling encapsulation of this giddy time. It reached number two on the UK singles chart in December 1972.

The B-side of this 40th anniversary version will have the audio from the recently-recovered BBC Top of the Pops performance of ‘The Jean Genie’ from January 1973 which captures the blazing confidence of Bowie and the fabled Spiders from Mars. Both tracks have been remastered by original Trident engineer Ray Staff and superb, in-era shots illustrate both sides of the vinyl. ‘ The Jean Genie’ is available in a strictly limited run.

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  1. grant kingman,

    what 40 th anniversary david bowie cd `s( pinups ) are planned for release
    soon ( 2013 )

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