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Conor Maynard named MTV’s Brand New 2012; debut single due April 30

Every now and then a new pop star emerges fully formed and Conor Maynard is one such artist – a genuine new talent discovered doing their own thing, spotted making waves and building their own fanbase before being given the platform to burst forth and show the world what they’re capable of.


Little more than a year ago 19-year-old Brighton UK-born Conor Maynard was uploading videos of himself to the internet, and now, 50 million YouTube views later and with the 7th most subscribed music channel in the UK, Conor is gearing up for his first official release, his debut single ‘Can’t Say No’.

Ahead of that, Conor has just been voted winner of MTV UK’s Brand New 2012 by a mile with 45% of the total vote. Says Conor: “It’s such an amazing feeling winning MTV’s Brand New 2012, I can’t thank the fans and viewers enough for voting, and MTV for selecting me in the first place. I hope this is the first success of many to come!”

Conor’s album will be released in the summer. In the meantime, check out this sneak preview of ‘Can’t Say No’:

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  1. Katie,

    Hi conor! Im a massive fan of ur work! Please email me and tell me what ur up to! U will really make my day! Thankyou! Speak soon. Ur number 1 fan!!

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