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Virgin Records welcomes new signings Bastille and Eric Prydz

We’re so pleased to welcome two amazing artists to Virgin Records – Bastille and Eric Prydz.

Bastille are a London-based band led by singer-songwriter Dan Smith who released their debut single ‘Flaws’/'Icarus’ earlier this year and spent the summer playing to fans at festivals around the UK including Glastonbury, Isle of Wight and Blissfield. They are currently recording their debut album which will be released by Virgin next year.

Eric Prydz is one of the emost successful DJs and producers in dance music. His massive hits include the likes of ‘Proper Education’, ‘Pjanoo’ and ‘Call On Me’, and he is renowned for his amazing live shows. Eric was originally signed to Virgin’s sister label Parlophone just over 10 years ago so welcome back to EMI Eric!

You can read the announcement on their joining EMI right here, and check out some music from both of them below:

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2 Comments so far. Leave a comment below.
  1. Eric,

    Gratz on that!!!

    PRYDA Friends ;)


  2. Hey
    All these two video are awesome and gain popularity in small Spain of time. It is really rock.

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