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Tinie Tempah hosts the UK’s highest resolution interactive photo

Tinie Tempah surprised fans at his concert at the O2 in London last Friday when he asked all 15,000 of them to ‘smile for the camera’ before taking a single, super high resolution picture which captured every single audience member’s face.

The image was captured by specialist photographers Gigapixel FanCam and is the world’s highest resolution 360-degree interactive photo. The picture is live on Tinie’s website at tinietempah.com/classphoto and Tinie is encouraging everyone who was at the gig to find and tag themselves.


Says Tinie: “Fans are always taking my picture when I’m on stage, I just wanted to turn the tables and take a picture of them for a change! It’s amazing to think that with just one camera we’ve been able to capture the face of everyone in a venue the size of The O2 arena.  I Want all my fans to tag themsevles and you never konw this could become the most tagged picture in history!”

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