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The Japanese Popstars’ new album ‘Controlling Your Allegiance out this week’

After a helping hand from their very own baboon, rising UK electronic dance stars The Japanese Popstars release their great new album ‘Controlling Your Allegiance’ today through Virgin Records (tomorrow, June 21, in the US through Astralwerks). Links to buy the album can be found here.


Hailing from Northern Ireland, The Japanese Popstars have developed their own distinct dance music sound sound which is both aggressive and darkly humorous and while remaining highly addictive.

The trio will be performing at this year’s Glastonbury Festival in the UK this weekend before heading off Stateside for a series of gigs, starting in San Diego on June 30. More details on their upcoming shows can be found here.

And the Japenese Popstars’ video for  their track ‘Destroy’ featuring Jon Spencer has just won the Best Music Video prize at the AICE awards (Association of Independent Creative Editors). Here’s a reminder of that award winning video:

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