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The Beatles’ remastered ‘Anthology’ collections debut on iTunes on June 14

The Beatles‘ three remastered ‘Anthology’ music collections will make their worldwide digital debut on June 14 exclusively on the iTunes Store (http://www.itunes.com).


‘Anthology Vols. 1-3′ are now available for pre-order in most countries as individual iTunes LPs. There is also an iTunes-exclusive ‘Anthology Box Set’ with all 155 tracks from the three volumes and an exclusive 23-track ‘Anthology Highlights’ collection of stand out tracks. ‘Anthology’ songs will also be available for individual download.

Ahead of these releases on June 14, a special ‘Anthology’ video introduction and a 50-minute ‘Meet The Beatles’ radio show are available for streaming right now at www.itunes.com/TheBeatles.

Since their debut on the iTunes Store last November The Beatles have now sold more than eight million songs and over 1.3 million albums on iTunes worldwide.

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