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The Beatles Make Music Matter and show their support for Music Matters campaign

The Beatles today have joined grassroots campaign Music Matters. Alongside artists such as Elbow, Bernard Butler Paloma Faith, Kate Bush and many more, The Beatles are showing their support to a campaign that seeks to engage music fans directly, highlighting the value of music and raising awareness of legitimate online music services.

Find out more at the Music Matters Facebook page: facebook.com/whymusicmatters and here’s their great animated clip:

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  1. Tim,

    If all modern pop & rock music was mastered like the latest Beatles-remasters, music would matter again for the people. Most mastering today is horrible and makes modern popmusic unlistenable. That’s why people lost interest in albums and only buy singles. They can’t listen 60 minutes at loud, lifeless and distorted sounds. Record labels should prevent artists to avoid these insane loudness wars that ruin modern popmusic.

    • Nat,

      I agree Tim. If only the record labels would put a little money and time asides to remaster things with the same integrity and sound as they did back then! I’d rather listen to a quiet/barely audible but beautiful song than a clearly audible but painfully loud song.

  2. Every song on Teenage dream will make the top ten, on the Hot 100. Three can hold the #One slot. ‘The one that got away’…’Who am I living for’…’ and Peacock’… ‘ Not like the movies’… ‘Pearl’… will make the Top Ten…. Circle the drain is probably her best song. It’s a reality check for to many young girls today. Chatham

  3. Ravindra,

    I love music………………………….. :)

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