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Swedish House Mafia launch ‘Until One – iPad Edition’

Now available in the Apple iPad App Store in the US and UK is a great new App from Swedish House Mafia, a content-rich and interactive digital experience that brings to life a book and music album.


In the App fans can flick, swipe, slide and tap their way through a rich audio-visual narrative account of life in Swedish House Mafia. In addition to the full nine track US version of the ‘Until One’ album the App include:

  • multiple video segments from the band’s ‘Take One’ documentary film including stunning live footage from the DJ booth and behind the scenes access to life in Swedish House Mafia
  • a beautiful interactive black and white photo gallery of over 150 photos
  • first-person written accounts from the band on their journey so far and the people and places that have helped shape it
  • links to live Twitter and Facebook pages to keep fans up to date on the very latest Swedish House Mafia news.

All together this delivers one of the richest interactive experiences produced by any artist for the iPad. It is currently on sale for £5.99/$9.99 from the App Store on iPad or at www.itunes.com/appstore.


Swedish House Mafia continue their relentless touring schedule in the coming months including a string of live dates as well as solo gigs from band members Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso.

This Saturday, March 26, they will be in Florida for their massive Miami Masquerade event on a custom beach arena on the beach. Here’s a taster of what to expect!

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