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Professor Green launches his official app

UK rap sensation Professor Green has launched a brilliant new official smart phone app that allows fans to unlock exclusive content by scanning speical QR codes posted by Pro on his website, Facebook, Twitter and blog.


The app comes with its own content grid to help find each QR code. Once found the QR code needs to be scanned by the phone and the clues unlocked to reveal the exclusive content, which will include updates from Pro such as behind the scenes of video shoots, recording sessions and TV appearances as well as the videos from his latest hit album ‘At Your Inconvenience’. Keep an eye on the official Professor Green blog for available QR codes and further updates.

Get the app now from the Apple App Store here: http://itunes.apple.com/app/professor-green-official-app/id481401124?affId=1860684&mt=8&u1=web

Here’s Professor Green’s number one hit ‘Read All About It’ featuring Emeli Sandé from ‘At Your Inconvenience’:

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  1. joanne stone,

    pro green u r awesome love read all bout it x

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