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Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Immersion, Experience, vinyl and SACD editions are here

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  1. Ronnie,

    The blu-ray 5.1 mix has a fault resulting in loud clicks/pops at the end of the last track. This has been highlighted on forums here and in other european countries, where it has been actually removed from sale. Can someone from EMI release some info on how this is going to be rectified please so I know what to do with my faulty disc.

  2. Martin Painter,

    I have watched your You Tube advert, it says SACD version available and you list UK stores BUT no store in the UK has the SACD version available

    When will the SACD version be available in the UK and not just the UK

  3. James,

    I am in the UK and I also have one of the faulty blu-ray discs (with the loud clicks and pops) I can only hope that someone at EMI acts and puts an ‘exchange or replacement’ program into action. This set costs nearly £90 and I think many customers will feel very hard done by if this problem is not resolved.

  4. Chris V,

    I think the comments above reinforce why EMI have failed to get this right and should have released the hybrid multichannel version as they did the 30th anniversary edition of dark side of the moon. The SACD is of course available on an expensive release that needs to be imported to the uk. This is a not a good way to treat loyal fans of PF. job badly done EMI!

  5. leen,

    after leaving a comment on this site about the faulty blu ray of wywh; emi holland contacted me and wrote that they’d sent me a new disc as soon as the had a new one without the clicks

    today I received a great sounding bluray of wywh!

    very happy with the service ! didn’t expect this, so thumbs up for emi !

  6. James,

    Just like leen EMI UK unexpectedly read the comment I made above and contacted me saying that they would like to send me a new Blu Ray. It arrived the other day and all is now fine – thank you very much for putting things right EMI another thumbs up from me.

  7. Mark Stay,

    Very happy with both my DSOTM and WYWH box sets, other than the 5.1 mix on both Blu-Rays only appear to be PCM stereo surround. The 5.1 mixes on the DVDs are both fine, and other 5.1 Blu-Rays play perfectly well on my system, so I don’t think the fault lies with my set-up.
    Has anyone else had this issue? Any quick fixes?

  8. Michael Sharkey,

    Just a quick update.
    EMI Australia contacted me within the week and a replacement disk arrived today. Thats only two weeks. Well Done!

  9. Sean,

    EMI UK issued a replacement disc to me within 2 days of contacting them – absolutely wonderful service!

  10. Luke,

    Awesome – got my replacement disc today, now that’s good old fashioned customer service, thanks EMI!

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