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Pink Floyd redefine their EMI legacy

Very exciting news today that there will be a new major release campaign for Pink Floyd encompassing CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, SACD, an array of digital formats, viral marketing, iPhone Apps and a brand new single-album ‘Best Of’.

The legendary band, whose association with EMI dates back to 1967, recently signed an agreement with EMI which has allowed the development of a multi-format programme of packages, many containing archive material that has been collated during an extensive process between EMI and Pink Floyd for a range of media formats.

Pink_FloydThe releases, under the banner Why Pink Floyd…?, are designed to appeal to a wide cross section of their fans, with music to excite first time listeners, while super-deluxe box sets will cater to dedicated fans, allowing them to immerse themselves in multi-disc sets, containing alternate takes, unreleased tracks, restored live concert screen films and a live recording of the legendary The Dark Side Of The Moon performance at Wembley in 1974.

Read the full announcement and release plans here.

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81 Comments so far. Leave a comment below.
  1. laV,

    SACD? no brainer. you people are shooting itself in foot. even blind can see that EMI lately distanced itself from this format. more over, re-issue of “WYWH” on SACD they did gave into hands of third party.

  2. Ronald,

    Lossless multichannel SACD and/or blu-ray, please, on all PF albums.

  3. I’ll stick to the vinyl or the MFSL versions

  4. gb,

    The Wall in SACD on Acoustic Sounds it’s time!!!! i buy it imediatly!! After is too late… because the CD is dead. hig remastearisaton (sacd)or nothing!!

  5. Netromsa,

    Great, I’d love to have more Pink Floyd albums on SACD, Blu ray audio would also be fantastic!


    I whis, that “THE WALL” will 5.1 surround mix, and BR or SACD.

  7. Andrea,

    ALL Pink Floyd album on SACD 5.1 !!!!!!
    Why THE WALL only stereo??

  8. stevenpk,

    Loving the DSOTM immersion set and looking forward ot the WYWH immersion set. But what about The Wall?


    Without these I have no need to upgrade. Sorry.

  9. Mick,

    WTF – Box sets for dedicated fans – WE WANT 5.1 – now thats immersion
    Where the hells the surround versions of Animals and the the Wall??
    Listen up EMI
    I aint going to buy stereo re-masters
    We want 5.1 (SACD – DVD-Audio – bluray)

  10. Looks like Pink Floyd needs more money, otherwise they would sell the 5.1 surround sound DVD/BD for Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here as stand-alone. Not in a box full of useless junk!!! The dare call it Immersion, I call consumerism!

    And why James Guthrie is so conservative. If I want to hear something close to the original version I’ll listen to the stereo version. When I put on a 5.1 album, I expect it to go crazy and hear different sounds coming out of different speakers. Not just a stereo sound with echo in the rear. DSOTM in 5.1 is so poor compared to any Porcupine Tree 5.1 mix or any Steven Wilson mix. Also, Nine Inch Nails have a good idea of how to mix in surround as well as Flaming Lips.

    Animals, The Wall, Meddle, Atom Heart Mother or any Pink Floyd album would be awesome in 5.1 and even better if mixed by Wilson instead of Guthrie.

    The perfect thing would be a box-set of the whole Pink Floyd catalog in Blu-Ray (no junk or scarf) re-mixed by the MASTER Steven Wilson.

  11. Daniel Enochsson,

    Hello… is there anybody in there…? Just nod if you can hear me

    I’m really disappointed that the immersion box of the wall doesn’t get the same treatment as the other two, with nice high resolution stereo and multi channel mixes on bluray?!?

    My desert-island album of all time and it gets overlooked :-(

    From this batch of releases I’ve bought the discovery box, DSotM immersion box and I have WYWH immersion and SACD on order. I also own all other pink floyd albums in many copies and formats.

    I’m really sorry to be skipping the immersion box of “The wall” since it will not be giving me anything new.

    Please reconsider (delay it if necessary) and include a high-res version (preferably surround mix) of the (studio) album.

    Other things that would be selling it to me would be a concert (with good sound…) on blu-ray and the movie remastered on bluray (again, – sound quality is important.)

    If it’s impossible to do in this time frame then at least consider it for future releases!

  12. Geoff,

    The Wall – release in 5.1 otherwise I won’t be buying the new set !

  13. Sergey Derevyanko,

    Dear EMI- Music!
    I’d like to inform you – I need ALL Pink Floyd album on SACD. I already have every album on CD. Some of albums (WYWH, DSOTM, The Wall) I’ve bought more then 3 times. I don’t have any intention to bay everything ones again as the new CD set. I need the SACD set.

  14. Pink Floyd The Wall must absolutely have several high rez version of the Wall Immersion. The Album needs to be both in SACD and Bluray Audio. 24/192 – 2 channel. The Wall the movie in Bluray version also in highest possible resolution. I have every album from Pink Floyd and when they now are going to do all remastered edition they really need to make the Wall Immersion to be the desert island album for every music lover. Please don’t dissapoint me know !!!

  15. Jorge Moreira,

    I’m writing on behalf of Pink Floyd and surround sound fans around the world to petition for a 5.1 surround mix of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” to be mixed and included in the upcoming Immersion Box Set to be released in February 2012. Like most other Pink Floyd fans, I was very excited when I heard the news that Pink Floyd were reissuing expanded versions of their most famous albums, but I was very disappointed to discover that unlike the other two Immersion boxsets, there was to be no 5.1 mix included in the box set for The Wall. Without a 5.1 mix, most fans feel this box set is currently incomplete, especially considering the fact that 4 out of the 7 discs are already available commercially. Look to the model established by the other two Immersion box sets, and please include a 5.1 mix of the Wall on DVD & Blu-Ray disc in the upcoming Immersion box set. We wouldn’t even mind if the release date had to be postponed in order for a 5.1 mix to be included. Thanks for you time, and I hope you will see more fans like me writing in to express their discontent on this issue.

  16. High resolution audio (bluray/DVD-Auduio/SACD) for more Pink Floyd please – particularly The Wall! :)

  17. Jan Laursen,

    I have bought both the DSotM and WYWH Immersion box sets, and love them… however, I’m not going to buy The Wall if there’s no 5.1 mix Blu-ray included (and a complete 1980 concert on DVD would also be a nice inclusion, guys!). Without the 5.1 mix (or the concert DVD) I feel I’m not getting my moneys worth on this one, so NO SALE!

  18. Tree,

    Add another brick in the wall of people who won’t buy the Immersion set without a 5.1 mix of The Wall. Would buy the same for Animals and Meddle if available on either SACD or BluRay (or even DVD-Audio).
    Tree in Boring, OR USA

  19. Michael,

    I think EMI is missing out on a lot money (what seems to drive their decisions) not releasing ALL Pink Floyd albums on SACD or Blu-ray. There are enough people who demand high quality audio who will pay the higher prices for the quality.

  20. Curtis,

    I was disappointed to find out that the upcoming Immersion version of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” will not include any high resolution audio – no SACD, no DVD-A and no Blu-ray. I just purchased copies of Pink Floyd’s Immersion sets of “The Dark Side of the Moon” and “Wish You Were Here” primarily for the high resolution and surround sound files/audio. I will not purchase a copy of “The Wall” without high resolution audio; furthermore I know many Pink Floyd fans share my opinion. You should reconsider this position and include 5.1 High Resolution Surround Sound in this box set.

  21. Brett Butler,

    EMI just saved everyone 130.00$ by not including a 5.1 uncompressed blu-ray of this MONUMENTAL album in the immersion box set. Too bad for all of us technically up to date Floyd fans, who will have to wait for THE WALL to get the treatment it deserves. What a sales blunder on the part EMI….Or is it?$$$$$$

  22. Josh Summers,

    Very disappointed that the Wall Immersion Box Set does not include a blu-ray high resolution stereo version!

    Hopefully a stand alone SACD will also be released. At this point I am only interested in high resolution music, be it blu-ray or SACD.

  23. Mark Lipson,

    Love the Wish You Were Here SACD released by EMI and Analog Productions.

    Would love to see the Wall also released on SACD.
    For that matter, I would buy any Pick Floyd released on SACD with Analog Productions.

  24. cris cull,

    The only format I am interested in buying new copies of previously purchased/released music is 5.1 remixes.
    If you’re going to present old music as new, then give us something new to listen to!
    I’ve bought all the DM Sacds as well as Talking Heads, Genesis, Bjork, and would be willing to re-buy all of pink floyd’s material, Kate Bush’s and many others as well, but only if remastered in hi-res on either SACD or BD. Untill then I’ll keep my pounds in my pockets.

  25. Jose Martinez-Diaz,

    I echo all the comments above. I was extremely disappointed today when I found that there was no surround mix and no high resolution disc when I opened my Wall Immersion box! And I do not find where an SACD will be released. I, too, have bought all 3 Immersion sets, the Discovery set, all other previous Floyd box sets, the two SACDs (DSOTM & WYWH), several special editions (“Gold discs”) back when they came out, and all the different masters. I even have the old Quad LPs! All this product and no high resolution or surround mixes of the Wall or Animals. I would like all Floyd albums on SACD or BD and in good surround mixes (BTW, I though WYWH was far superior to DSOM for surround).

  26. Justin,

    Please release a hi res version of the wall. That is what the majority of us were waiting for. Until then, I’ll just listen to the old versions i have.

  27. Barry B,

    EMI Group – Please listen to the consumers – we need every pink floyd album (including The Wall) in high resolution 5.1 multi-channel surround sound – SACD/Blu-ray or DVD-Audio please. Thanks!

  28. O'Neal,

    Only in it for the SACD 5.1, or Blu Ray whichever comes first.

  29. 5.1 Surround Sound versions (especially ‘The Wall’), on Blu-ray Audio and multi channel FLAC download would be greatly appreciated by many. Thanks!


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