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Peter Gabriel readies New Blood for October release

Following his recent sell-out US tour, Peter Gabriel returns next month with a brand new album released through EMI on October 10 (October 11 in the US).

‘New Blood’ features some of Gabriel’s biggest hits from his prodigious career, reconstructed and re-imagined with orchestral arrangements and recorded live with the New Blood Orchestra.


Songs receiving this treatment include ‘Mercy Street’, ‘Digging In The Dirt’, ‘Don’t Give Up’, ‘San Jacinto’ and Gabriel’s all time classic ‘Solsbury Hill’. The album is available as a standard single disc and digital download plus as a special 2-CD version including the standard album and an added disc of instrumental versions. A heavyweight vinyl release will follow in November.

For some more detail on the project, here’s Peter himself in conversation with Guy Garvey from Elbom talking about ‘New Blood’:

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