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Peter Frampton’s anniversary tour kicks off in partnership with Abbey Road Live

Grammy-award winning artist Peter Frampton kicks off his ‘Frampton Comes Alive! 35 Tour’ tonight in Red Bank, New Jersey, and in partnership with EMI’s Abbey Road Live is making a number of limited-edition CD sets available immediately after each show for those who attend and for ship-home orders as well.


Peter is performing his entire legendary ‘Frampton Comes Alive!’ album, as well as selections from throughout his career.  So in addition to three full hours of music packaged in a handsome 3-CD Digipak set there is also a ‘rockumentary’ CD featuring a full-length Frampton audio interview with longtime rock radio personality Redbeard.

So whether you are going to the show or you just want one of these true keepsakes, go to www.abbeyroadliveus.com to order now.

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