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Pet Shop Boys’ most incredible ballet

Tonight sees the opening of a brand new ballet in London, ‘The Most Incredible Thing’, featuring music by pop maestros Pet Shop Boys.

The_Most_Incredible_ThingNeil Tennant and Chris Lowe are no strangers to the more eclectic of musical projects with film and theatrical scores among their achievements. This is the first time the duo have tackled a ballet and for ‘The Most Incredible Thing’ teamed up with choreographer Javier De Frutos to bring the project to life.

‘The Most Incredible Thing’ is based on a Hans Christian Anderson tale of the same name and tells the magical story of a mythical kingdom where the King announces that whoever invents the most incredible thing will win the hand of his daughter in marriage and half of the Kingdom.

The ballet score, which mixes electronic and orchestral music, is performed by Pet Shop Boys and the Wroclaw Score Orchestra, conducted by Dominic Wheeler. The album of the score is out now, except in the US where the album is out next week, March 22.

The production runs at London’s Sadler’s Wells theatre from March 17 to March 26 for which a few tickets are still available. A return to Sadler’s Wells followed by a tour is planned for 2012.

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