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Parlophone’s Record Store Day pop-up club

It’s Record Store Day 2011 this Saturday, April 16, and for those in London, Parlophone Records and its Regal imprint are opening a very special pop-up club in the heart of West London’s famous Portobello Road.

In association with Fred Perry Subculture, the club will host an afternoon and evening of music and drinks. DJs will showcase the latest talent from Parlophone and Regal as well as the best selections from Record Store Day vinyl releases. As previously announced, Parlophone’s vinyl singles this year include the likes of Gorillaz, Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi, Beck & Bat For Lashes and Tinie Tempah.

Record store day

A limited number of entry wristbands will be available on Saturday at the Rough Trade West shop on nearby Talbot Road for anyone that purchases a Parlophone or Regal Record Store Day vinyl. Purchasers can then come down and play the records they have bought and enjoy the afternoon with the label!

Other EMI releases for Record Store Day this year include titles from The Beach Boys and Syd Barrett.


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