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Parlophone announce Record Store Day vinyl releases

As music lovers across the world eagerly await Record Store Day on April 16, Parlophone this week announced details of an exciting series vinyl releases in the UK.

Jonsi, Beastie Boys, Tinie Tempah, Bat For Lashes, Gorillaz and Danger Mouse & Danielle Luppi are all lined up to release 7” vinyls – strictly  limited to 500 pressings – exclusively for Record Store Day.

The series, which will come in a vintage style Parlophone house bag and jukeboxed-sized center hole, is designed to support vinyl culture and recognise the crucial role of independent record shops.

As well as the 7” series, the vinyl LP format for Gorillaz’s ‘The Fall’ is set for release on April 16 along with a 7” AA single from Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi from the album ‘Rome’ (featuring Jack White and Norah Jones) and a remix from Jonsi lead singer of Sigur Ros.

We can’t wait!

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