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New UK course in A&R

If you want to learn more about the music business and in particular A&R, the  the discovery of new artists and working with them on their artistic development which is the lifeblood of EMI, and you’re in or can get to the UK, don’t miss out on the A&R Music Business Apprenticeship, run by the UK’s leading rock ‘n’ roll college BIMM in association with EMI.

The course takes place in London, and there’s an open day coming up on Saturday May 7. Full details of the course are on BIMM’s website here.

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  1. Andy shepherd,

    I love music it’s my passion

  2. Tim,

    I hear more and more people complaining about the bad soundquality of music today. Instead of evolution there is degradation of soundquality. Many of them were into mp3, but changed their minds and fell in love again with sparkling dynamic hi-fi sound.

    Even more and more young people start to care about high resolution audio. The launch of sacd happenned at the wrong time. MP3 was new and free. SACD had no promotion, wrong choice of titles, had copy protection,…

    Please give us well mastered high resolution audio at 192kHz/24 and 96kHz/24. Available as sacd/blu-ray audio + digital copy (lossless + high resolution).

    Full dynamic range and the best soundquality today’s technology permits is what we need right now to convince the people.

    It’s time we turn the “black page” in music history and start from 0. It will be hard, it will cost some money but in the long term it’s the only way to let the music industry survive.

    People will need to learn to “listen” to music again, and not seeing it as a gimmick or as a “background thing”. They need to be aware, that music can sound beautiful if it’s well mastered and played on decent gear (everything sounds better than plastic computer speakers).

    The recent Beatles remasters and the first Intergalactic Lovers-album (EMI Belgium), are the proof that decently mastered music can be very succesful. Steve Rooke did a wonderful job!

    You’ll have my and many others support ….

    And now I’m going to listen to my good old Talk Talk (Colour of Spring) EMI sacd :) Hoping we get one day more of these titles in high resolution: Pink Floyd, Bat for Lashes, LCD Soundsystem, Eliza Doolittle, Norah Jones, Coldplay, David Bowie, Lykke Li, Talk Talk (the ones not yet released in hi-res), 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s and 00′s…

    Much success with the labels and all future high resolution audio plans!
    The Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here” sacd treatment by Analogue Productions is a good start!

  3. Michael Feldmann,

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    in 2009 you’ve released the remastered Beatles albums. Last year you’ve released the remastered Beatles Red & Blue albums. This year you will release the remastered Beatles 1 album. Will you release the rest of the Beatles albums (Anthology 1-3, Live at the BBC) remastered and with digipack-packaging too?

    Thanks a lot for helping and best wishes,
    Michael Feldmann.

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