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New Abbey Road Studios Music Trivia Game

Calling all music quiz brainiacs!

Abbey Road today announced the arrival of a brand new, unique board game based on the world famous studios. The game is a mix of music trivia, missing song lyrics and guessing the song or artist.

The board features wonderful photographs from the famous studios, with special limited edition graphics and game pieces. Players start the game on the iconic Abbey Road Studios zebra crossing, taking it in turns to roll the die and enter the studios. Upon entering the studios players make their way through the iconic Studios One, Two and Three and chillout rooms, answering questions and collecting pieces of an 80th anniversary album token as they go. The winner is the first person to complete their album and make it back to the zebra crossing.

The game is being sold exclusively through Tesco stores and online at Tesco Direct and as part of the launch special golden tickets have been hidden in five of the games giving winner the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime guided visit through Abbey Road Studios.

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