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March Is Metal Month at indie retail

For the third successive year this March is officially Metal Month!


Across the US, EMI Music’s Label Services/Caroline Distribution is bringing metal to the masses with promotions from top metal and rock labels including Century Media, Nuclear Blast, Earache, Candlelight, Season of Mist, Willow Tip, Prospect Park and Capitol Records.

The campaign encourages consumers to connect with their independent music retailers to access goodies such as a special CD sampler featuring pre-release tracks from Winds of Plague, Cradle of Filth, Agnostic Front and Kill Corps, a limited edition T-shirt designed by artist Rich Hall, exclusive prizes and more.

Find out more about March is Metal on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/themetalcrew, Twitter: http://twitter.com/themetalcrew and at www.marchismetalmonth.com which has full details of which local retailers are participating in March Is Metal.

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