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Luke Bryan hits number one with latest album ‘tailgates & tanlines’

Congratulations to Capitol Records Nashville artist Luke Bryan whose third studio album ‘tailgates & tanlines’ today debuted at the top of the Billboard Country Album chart and at number two in the overall Billboard Top 200 chart in the US. With first week sales of nearly 150,000 ‘tailgates & tanlines’ is the second highest selling debut for a country release this year.


“I’m very proud of this album and to have fans connect with the music in this way is exciting and really humbling,” says Bryan, “When I was writing and recording the project I wanted to make an album which made people forget all the other things in their lives that might stress them out and just have fun! And to have this kind of response from my fans makes me feel like that goal was accomplished!”

The album’s lead single, ‘Country Girl (Shake It For Me)’ has already sold over a million downloads so far. Check out the song’s official live video right here:

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  1. We reviewed this latest album and thought Luke’s good, but needs get his footing a little more.

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