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Kylie announces 2011 North American live dates

Kylie Minogue has confirmed details of the North America leg of her ‘Aphrodite – Live 2011′ tour. The tour kicks off in Europe in Denmark on February 19. After a series of arena dates in Europe and Japan Kylie will hit North America with her first show in Montreal on April 28.

Pre-sale tickets for the US leg of the tour begin on January 14 for Kylie’s fanbase and American Express card holders. Tickets for public sale start on January 22. More information and the full list of dates for ‘Aphrodite – Live 2011′ are on Kylie’s website.

Says Kylie: “The reaction to ‘Aphrodite’ has been absolutely incredible and has inspired me and my creative team to develop a new show that will take all of us on a euphoric journey of joy, excitement and glamour. I can’t wait to get on the road and see all my fans in 2011.”

We can’t wait either, but will have to so until then, here’s a reminder of of Kylie’s stunning video for ‘Get Outta My Way’ which recently hit the top of the US Billboard Club Chart.

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