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KT Tunstall to perform at Sundance Film Festival

KT Tunstall has been confirmed to perform at this year’s Sundance Film Festival this weekend.

The multi-platinum singer songwriter will play at the premiere party for ‘The Last Mountain’, a documentary on the devastating effects of mountaintop coal removal in West Virginia’s Coal River Valley and the response of residents and activists to the practice.

The event, this Saturday, January 22, is being held at 3opolis at The Yard in Park City, Utah, and is being hosted by Robert F Kennedy, Jr, who is featured in the film, and Harry Belafonte. Tickets cost $50 (VIP $150) from www.waterkepper.org and all proceeds will benefit Waterkeeper Alliance, a global environmental organisation established by Robert F Kennedy, Jr in 1999.

KT will also appear on US TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight, January 21.


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  1. emi T,

    u ar creating a big awareness to young artists..i salute you.

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