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Katy Perry announces North American tour dates

And it’s now confirmedKaty Perry has announced North American dates for her California Dreams 2011 world tour, sponsored by Schick Quattro for Women.

The world tour kicks off in Portugal on February 20 and will hit North America on June 7 in Atlanta, Georgia. The run will finish on August 14 with two shows in Katy’s hometown, Santa Barbara, California. The full list of dates can be found on her website.


Katy will be interacting wtih her fans through social media networks throughout the tour. Using Facebook Places/Deals fans will be able to check into the venues each night to receive special treats. Fans will also be able to submit their own photos of Katy’s shows via Twitter which will then be incorporated into the live show and also live on www.katyperry.com. Katy has also partnered with I Love All Access to for various VIP ticket packages including premium seats, meet and greets, photo ops, pre-show parties and more. More information is on Katy’s website.

The launch of the fourth single from Katy’s platinum-selling album ‘Teenage Dream’, ‘E.T.’ is heating up. She will shoot the video soon and the song is due to hit radio next month.

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