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Eliza Doolittle – Max Colour Effect girl

UK pop sensation Eliza Doolittle is to front the new ‘Big Night Out’ campaign from top make-up brand Max Factor showcasing the new wave of bright Max Colour Effect products including new eye shadows, cute cube lip glosses and mini nail polishes.


Max Factor’s award winning make-up artist Caroline Barnes has created a series of Max Colour Effect looks exclusively for Eliza which are designed to give all girls ideas and tips. Says Eliza: “I love experimenting with my make-up and creating different looks using lots of colour – so this new range is perfect for me.”


Eliza’s self-titled debut album has been confirmed for release in the US on April 19.

In the UK, where the album has been certified platinum, Eliza has just released her fourth single from the album, the lovely ‘Mr Medicine’:

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  1. Paul,

    She is very beautiful. My girl looks like her and I love it :)

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