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Electro-pop artist Diamond Rings joins Astralwerks

EMI’s New York-based Astralwerks label is very pleased to announce its latest worldwide (excluding Canada) signing, electro-pop artist Diamond Rings.


First conceived in the summer of 2009 by Toronto-based artist and musician John O, Diamond Rings delivered head-turning performances at SXSW and CMJ last year and a sold out tour with pop princess Robyn. Debut album ‘Special Affections’ was released last October in Canada on the Secret City Records label and Diamond Rings scored the number two spot in Exclaim! mag’s annual hottest Canadaian bands poll, behind only Arcade Fire.

Astralwerks will re-release ‘Special Affections’ on June 21. Secret City Records, which is distributed by EMI, will continue to handle the album in Canada.

Check out Diamond Rings’ uniquely lyrical brand of pop with the most recent video, ‘It’s Not My Party’, which was released in March:

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  1. nora,

    He is amazing!!!!

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