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David Guetta – world’s number one DJ

Congratulations to David Guetta who has been named the world’s no.1 DJ!

The annual poll, run by DJ Magazine, has seen Armin van Buuren win for the last four years, but there’s no hard feelings between the two superstar DJs and good friends – this week they have launched a record together, a new remix of Guetta’s ‘Without You’ featuring Usher by Armin van Buuren which is out now on Beatport.


Says David on his accolade, which was decided by a public vote: “I’m honoured. I was thinking it was going to be impossible for anybody to replace Armin Van Buuren. I have so much respect for him. Yes, I’ve had amazing success as a producer, but I have always seen myself first as a DJ and still do. I love making music, but DJ culture is everything to me – it’s been my life for so many years. It’s been an incredible journey;  what is happening is a real revolution for everyone – not only for me, for anyone that is a DJ and a producer. Everything is changing, our sound is taking over the planet.”

David’s latest album ‘Nothing But The Beat’ is currently storming the charts worldwide. Don’t miss his latest video for ‘Without You’:

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