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Can you out dance Kylie?

Kylie Minogue takes a starring role in a brilliant new viral film from Xbox to promote the ‘Dance Central’ game, the headline sponsor of Kylie’s current European ‘Les Folies’ tour.


The film, which was shot by BAFTA-winning director Becky Martin, whose credits include British comedy series ‘Peep Show’, follows avid gamer ‘Darren’ recreating Kylie’s most iconic dance routies by playing ‘Dance Central’. With each move he masters he increasingly believes that he actually IS Kylie.

“What can I say,” says Kylie, “Darren’s got the moves!”

Kyle’s tour hits Oberhausen in Germany tonight, March 18, Antwerp in Belgium on March 19 before kicking off the UK and Ireland leg next week.

Check out the great film here:

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