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Auction of items from EMI artists and songwriters raises $940,000 for Japanese Red Cross

We’re very proud to announce that the auction of exclusive personal items and memorabilia donated by EMI’s family of artists and songwriters has raised $940,000 in funds to help the Red Cross support people affected by last month’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

The auction attracted bids of $470,000 from music fans from around the world, a total which has been doubled through a matching donation by EMI. The funds will be used to support the Japanese Red Cross disaster relief efforts which are helping those affected by the earthquake and tsunami.


The auction included an original Birkin handbag, donated by Jane Birkin and used by the actress and singer for many years, which raised more than $163,000; a 1987 Ferrari, owned by Daft Punk and used in their movie ‘Electroma’ which raised almost $42,000; and a diamante costume head used by DJ and producer Deadmau5 which was won with a bid of more than $19,000.

Read more on the results of the auction here.

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