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Alan Jackson teams up with EMI Records Nashville

One of the most successful singer-songwriters in music, country superstar Alan Jackson has teamed up with Capitol Records Nashville President/CEO Mike Dungan for the next chapter in Jackson’s prolific career. Jackson’s new music will be released as a joint venture between ACR (Alan’s Country Records) and Capitol/EMI Records Nashville.


Jackson, who is heading into the recording studio soon, will be released and marketed through EMI Records Nashville, the sister label to Capitol Records Nashville which was launched last year.

“Mike Dungan and I go way back,” says Jackson. “He was right there during my early days at Arista and it’s going to be great to work with him and his team there at Capitol. I’m happy to be joinng the hottest label in Nashville.”

To date Jackson has sold nearly 60 million albums worldwide and topped the country singles chart a staggering 35 times.

Read the full announcement here.

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  1. Welcome to EMI, Mr. Jackson! You’ve been recording for Arista/Sony Music Nashville since Arista evolved into RCA Records last November!



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