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Alan Jackson premieres Long Way To Go video

Country music superstar Alan Jackson has premiered his brand new video. ‘Long Way To Go’ is the first single from Jackson’s upcoming new album and the debut from the joint venture between EMI Records Nashville and ACR (Alan’s Country Records) which was unveiled earlier this year.

Long Way To Go video shoot - Storme Warren

The video was shot at the Square Grouper bar in Jupiter, Florida and finds Jackson and his band waiting all day for rain to pass so they can get on with shooting the video.

“I guess I’m lucky – we get to shoot in some pretty cool places, whether it’s down on a beach or on a boat or a river or wherever,” says Jackson. “I’m good friends with the guy that owns the bar so we thought we’d take the band and go down and shoot there.”

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  1. Doreen Tobin,

    Alan you are the best. I love all your songs. Keep on writing & singing.
    St. John’s NL, CANADA
    When are you coming to St. John’s again?

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