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Abbey Road Studios’ Anthem Competition winners

Back in March EMI’s world famous Abbey Road Studios launched a worldwide search for original, unsigned and undiscovered composers to celebrate the studios’ 80th anniversary.


Out of almost 1000 entries received eight winners were selected by the judges to be recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra under the guidance of renowned composer Eric Whitacre in Abbey Road’s famous Studio One, the same location where the music for the Star Wars and Harrry Potter films and countless classical albums were recorded.

The eight winning pieces of music and their composers are:

· Daniel Brinsmead – ‘Come Sleep’ (Australia)
· Daniel Elder – ‘The Heart’s Reflection’ (New Jersey, USA)
· Tina Andersson – ‘The Angel’ (Gothenburg, Sweden)
· Zhangyi Chen – ‘Ariadne’s Love’ (Baltimore, USA)
· Oliver Chapman & Will Clapson – ‘Made of Ghosts’ (Cambridge, UK)
· Steven Jackson – ‘So Alive, So Clear’ (Manchester, UK)
· Stephen Lindsay – ‘A Million Stars’ (Australia)
· Cyrus Almonde – ‘Thank You Eternally’ (Guernsey)

You can listen to the recordings of all eight on Abbey Road’s website here: http://www.abbeyroad.com/news/story/?newsid=216.

Eric Whitacre explains more about the competition and the winners here:

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