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30 Seconds To Mars and You Me At Six win at the Kerrang! Awards

Congratulations to 30 Seconds To Mars and You Me At Six who were both winners at the Kerrang! Awards in London last night.


30 Seconds To Mars (above) won two prizes – Best Single for ‘Hurricane’ and the Best International Band award for the second year in succession.

You Me At Six won the Best British Band Award.

30 Seconds To Mars frontman Jared Leto told the BBC: “It’s a a great chance to say thank you to our amazing family of fans around the world. It’s good to bookmark this crazy journey with an event like this. We’re just happy that we’ve had the opportunity to come to Europe and play these shows and to tour all over the world. We never thought that would ever happen.”

Here’s a reminder of that Best Single, ‘Hurricane’:

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