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Yoko Ono and EMI Music partner with YouTube for John Lennon birthday tributes

To mark the 70th birthday of John Lennon tomorrow, October 9, Yoko Ono and EMI Music have partnered with YouTube for a number of exciting global tributes to celebrate the life and work of the music legend.

The John Lennon official YouTube channel has launched which will feature video testimonials from may of Lennon’s famous friends and fans including Ringo Starr, Brian Wilson, Aerosmith, the Jonas Brothers and Jeff Bridges. Anyone can upload their own video at www.youtube.com/johnlennon.

The channel is introduced by a personal video from Yoko Ono, which you can see here:

YouTube has also created a global Yoodle of the YouTube logo which will launch in 25 countries at 9pm Pacific Time tonight, remaining live for 24 hours. In addition, Google has created its first ever video doodle which is live now on Google homepages worldwide and will remain until midnight tomorrow, October 9.

EMI Music’s global John Lennon ‘Gimme Some Truth’ catalogue campaign, overseen by Yoko Ono, commemorates John’s 70th birthday. Featured in the initiatve are eight remastered John Lennon solo albums and new titles, digitally remastered from his original mixes for the very first time.

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  1. Thank you Yoko. There is not much more that can be said. No one has ever had much of a greater impact on a culture or popular music than John Lennon. This has been brought to such an even greater magnitude by the tragic and horrific circumstances surrounding his passing. I don’t think anyone from the generation that grew up with John and his music and the Beatles will ever be able to forget what exactly was happening when they heard the news…I miss him even though I never had the opportunity to meet him….He was a wonderful person…with extremely good intentions…I think…working through his own journey with all of his own individual ups and downs….Sail on Johnny… “Love Is All You Need”

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