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Tinie Tempah to speak at the Oxford Union

UK rap superstar Tinie Tempah has been confirmed to speak at the world famous Oxford Union debating society this Sunday, October 31.

Tinie, whose debut album ‘Disc-Overy’ hit number one on its release earlier this month, will speak to the student audience about his meteoric rise to fame over the course of 2010.


“The Oxford Union has a long tradition of hearing high profile figures share their stories and promote their passsions,” explains Ash Sangha, vice president of the Union with responsibility for inviting guest speakers. “I’m proud to say that Tinie Tempah will be making his contribution to this great tradition. Tinie’s rise to fame has been meteoric and his rise is a powerfully uplifting tale of ambition, of determination and of chasing your dream all the way. We cannot wait to have him speak here.”

Guest speakers at the Union since it was founded in 1823 have included Winston Churchill, former US presidents Reagan and Nixon, Stephen Fry and Michael Jackson.

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