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The Chemical Brothers new album get a thumbs up from Pitchfork

The Chemical Brothers’ new album ‘Further’ earned an 8 out of 10 rating from influential music blog Pitchfork this week.  They describe ‘Further’ as “a “suite of warm, gooey utopianism, one that never smashes you over the head with obvious hooks or high-concept floor-fillers. It’s a slow, patient piece of work, all vibe and no frenzy.” 

The Chem’s much-anticipated seventh studio album  was released this week  on Parlophone in the UK/rest of the world and comes out June 21st on Astralwerks in the US.  Also, US and Canada fans have the chance to experience a deluxe iTunes Pass – a four-week-long stream of music and video content, including, for the first time ever,  the amazing visuals fans that only usually get to experience at a live Chemical Brothers’ show.

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