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The Beatles lead Japan Gold Disc winners

Congratulations to EMI’s winners at this year’s Japan Gold Disc Awards which were held earlier today.

The Beatles were named International Artist of the Year, one of the top honours of the evening, while Norah Jones‘ ‘The Fall’ won the Jazz Album of the Year award and Sarah Brightman‘s ‘Amalfi’ won the Classic Album of the Year category.

The Beatles

The awards are determined by sales in Japan over the course of 2009. The Beatles won the award with over 600,000 units sold, counting sales of the Stereo Re-masters boxed set and Beatles In Mono as one unit each. Taking into account the number of CDs in each set means that The Beatles sold over 2.5 million albums in Japan last year, a stunning result.

This is the fourth time The Beatles have won this prestigious award since the Japan Gold Disc Awards were launched in 1987.

Norah Jones has now received this award for all four of her albums, while for Sarah Brightman this is her third Gold Disc honour and second in a row followiong the success of ‘A Winter Symphony’ last year.

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  1. Absolutally love the beatles,only wish they were around as do a million others.I’ve got some CDs of them but getting a bit old.I’ve now got my daughter loving there great music someone had to tell her about the GOOD MUSIC.thanks for this great comp xx

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